Fifty Years of Qabalah 1968-2018
by R J Stewart © 2018

Welcome to qabalah.us the website for Becoming the Miracle Tree, a series of
online courses and group workshops, taught by R J Stewart and Anastacia Nutt.
This is our Introduction to the public section of the site. The password-protected
sections of this site are for students who have completed the Tree of Life course,
Becoming the Miracle Tree.

From R J Stewart (excerpt from “Fifty Years of Qabalah”)

Somewhat to my surprise I realized that this year of 2018 is my fiftieth as a
practicing Qabalist. My work within this artistic discipline, holding many
components integrated through the master-glyph of the Tree of Life, has been
continuous, unbroken, from 1968 to 2018. While my career in the outer world, in
both music and writing, has gone through many starts and stops typical of the
creative life, Tree of Life Qabalistic practices have been a constant…
This course, this website, and many of my books and musical works, are all
birthed through the Tree of Life.



Books and CDs with original Qabalistic Hermetic music, by R J Stewart (can be
found at www.rjstewart.org )

  1.  The UnderWorld Initiation 1985 (earlier in private circulation) (& CD)
  2.  The Merlin Tarot 1985, many later editions.
  3.  The Miracle Tree 2001 ISBN 781564146502
    Demystifying Qabalah vol I (& CD)
  4.  The Sphere of Art vol I 2008, ISBN 9780979140266
    Assembling and working with the Sphere. (& CD)
  5.  The Sphere of Art vol II 2012 ISBN 9780981924694
    Aesch Mezareph: the Purifying Fire. Qabalistic Alchemy and Transformation.
  6.  The Sphere of Art vol III ISBN 9780985600648
    The Book of the Inner Temple Traditions Inner Convocation ® (& CD)
  7.  The Spiritual Dimension of Music 1990 ISBN13: 9780892813124(&CD)
    First published as Music and the Elemental Psyche, UK, 1987.

© R J Stewart 2021

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